Here is the list of some of the unaware fact about the malegra 100


The erectile dysfunction is the most common problem faced by the people in the entire world. This problem can affect the mental life of the individual if not prevented at the appropriate time. The productive research in medical science has led to the manufacturing of various medicines that can cure the issue of erectile dysfunction. The malegra 100 from India is one of the most effective medications, which is the best substitute for the massive range of drugs available in the market.

Following are some of the surprising effects that can be occurred due to excessive consumption of malegra tablets

Affects the visual performance

If you are planning to consume the malegra 100 from India for the first time, you are advised to consult with the health expert ask about the amount of dosage suitable for you. The excessive dosage of the malegra can disturb your visual appearance, and you will notice the disturbance in your visual performance and face difficulty in seeing the far objects. Your vision will become blurred, and if you will ignore this temporary issue with your visual ability. There are chances that you may face permanent lose in your vision after some time.


This is the most common type of problem faced by the majority of people who consume the malegra medicine with the prescribed limit. As if you purchase malegra 100 from India, you will be given knowledge about the various effects that can be caused if you will ignore the proper dosage of the malegra. The individual is not able to have a regular diet, and he will have to regularly go to the toilet because the food is not digested correctly. You should discuss your diet and also tell them if you are having any kind of allergy from the particular drug.

May led to neurological problems

This is one of the pressing issues which can be occurred in the individual if he has taken the excessive dosage of malegra medicine, or he is consuming it without the prescription of a doctor. He may have to suffer from issues such as stress, anxiety, and short term memory loss, which can put the individual in a life-threatening situation. And sometimes, it may also result in permanent memory loss by damaging one of the essential parts of your brain.